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If you wish to be baptised, or to have your child baptised, we would be delighted to share this special celebration with you. This page will provide you with information to help you answer some questions you may have about baptism. The next step is to contact us so we can arrange for you to meet with one of our ministers.

What is baptism?

Baptism is a very ancient practice. Jesus gave baptism a special meaning for Christians. From those first days, baptism has been the symbolic action by which people who have publicly expressed their faith in Jesus enter into the life of the Christian faith community.

Baptism gives visible expression of the change from our old way of life to the new Christian way of life. In the ancient traditions, baptism involved the person being fully submersed in water – it was as if they symbolically drowned and were brought back to life again – a reminder that in resolving to follow Jesus and in joining the faith community a person ‘dies’ to their old way of life and commits him/herself to a new life following the example of Jesus.

Who can be baptised?

Any person can be baptised if they commit their lives to following Jesus and are prepared to express that faith by making the baptism promises. Infants and children who aren’t old enough to make the promises for themselves can be baptised with their parents and godparents making the promises on their behalf. It is intended that when they are old enough to do so (usually as teenagers or young adults), children will make their own response to God and commit themselves to the baptism promises in a ceremony known as “confirmation.”

What do parents & godparents do?

For parents, the birth of a child is a new beginning. Baptism is another new beginning. In bringing a child for baptism, you are affirming that you want your child to grow up as a follower of Jesus.

Godparents also have an important role in the spiritual life of a child and should be chosen with great care. Godparents promise that by their teaching, prayers and example they will help the parents give their child a Christian upbringing as a follower of Jesus within the family of the church. Godparents need to be baptised members of a Christian Church, although not necessarily an Anglican Church.

Why is there no charge for baptism?

Baptism is the sign of a relationship which is God’s free gift to us, so there is no charge for baptism.

When does baptism take place?

Baptism usually takes place at one of the weekly services. Baptism services are held regularly but not at every service, so please discuss the date and time of the baptism with the minister before making other arrangements.