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The members of our leadership team are:

Senior Minister

(Rev) Bill Stewart

Bill Pic

Bill is passionate about helping people of all ages to meet Jesus. With his family he moved to Hobart in 2010 to lead the team at New Town and Lenah Valley Anglican. After completing High School he studied business at the University of Queensland and worked in real estate valuation in North Queensland. Later he trained for ministry at Ridley College, University of Melbourne. For ten years Bill was involved in university student welfare and as a lecturer at Ridley College. He then served in two churches in suburban Melbourne before moving to Hobart.

At Ridley College Bill taught courses on the New Testament and the history of Christianity. He received his Doctor of Theology degree for research in biblical studies. He is currently an Honorary Scholar of Alphacrucis College. Bill also serves as Mission Support Officer for the Anglican Churches of southern Tasmania and as an honorary chaplain at Calvary Hospital in Lenah Valley.

Bill is married to Melanee and they have two children. He enjoys reading history and fantasy, listening to music, camping and gardening. Bill supports the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League team (he grew up in Queensland!).

In a recent ABC interview Bill was asked: if there was just one thing you would like to say to people what that would be? His answer was: “If people have not taken at least a little bit of time to consider Jesus and his life and what he did, and taught, they are depriving themselves of an insight into why he is then . . .  and now today is still shaping and transforming so many lives and why so many people seek to shape their lives around him. I think that impact is so significant that anyone who has not taken at least some time to explore that is depriving themselves of something extraordinarily significant and transformative of so many millions of people.”

Senior Associate Minister

Children, Youth & Families

(Rev) John Stanley


John Stanley joined our leadership team in 2014. He is passionate about building Christian community and communicating the good news of Jesus to people that wouldn’t normally come into meaningful contact with the church. John has a special responsibility for fostering our ministry to children and youth and their families.

John began his ministry serving in an Anglican church and as a secondary school chaplain, both in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Later he moved to a church in the western suburbs near Melbourne airport. John then served in Darlinghurst and Kings Cross in inner-city Sydney, where he was Outreach Director. For the next 13 years John led a major community outreach project in a former steel mill town in Pennsylvania in the north-eastern United States. Under John’s leadership the Uncommon Grounds Café was established as a public space where Christians could serve the local community. He was also the National Director of the Church Army USA working with churches and leaders all across America.

John studied for a diploma in Sydney and while ministering in Melbourne he earned his Bachelor of Theology degree. While in the USA he began studying for a Doctor of Ministry degree. John has also undertaken further studies in pastoral education. He has a wide range of experience in coaching and professional supervision.

John is married to Alison, and their three boys, Zac, Ben and Luke are living and working in Melbourne. John enjoys hanging out with Alison, walking the dog (Max), playing music, working with wood, riding (or fixing) his Harley, and playing sports, all the more enjoyable when they are done with friends.

Associate Minister

(Rev) Marie Ellison


Marie has been an honorary Associate Minister in the parish since 2006, following early retirement from teaching and education management. She has tertiary qualifications in arts, the humanities, education and theology. Marie enjoys all aspects of parish life and ministry. She is passionate about chaplaincy. Marie is an Anglican chaplain at Calvary Hospital in Lenah Valley and chair of the chaplaincy committee for Ogilvie High School in New Town. She also loves encouraging other women in their life and faith journey.

Marie is Tasmanian, born into a Huon Valley orcharding family. She's married to Tom, a retired engineer. She has 3 adult children, 5 grandchildren and a large extended family scattered around the state and in the northern isle. Her interests include music, reading, history, life-long study, gardening and knitting. Marie’s retirement plan had included learning to play croquet. God had other plans!

Associate Minister
(Rev) Marilyn King


Marilyn’s desire is to bring the gospel to people who have not yet met Jesus, and to support and honour the elderly and the sick. Marilyn was born in Hobart and has lived all of her life in Tasmania.

Marilyn attended Goodwood Primary school and Hobart High schools, and then trained at Hobart Teachers College. She taught at New Norfolk Primary School, Smithton Primary School, and worked as a Teacher’s Aid at Oatlands District School. After her children were all at school she went back to teaching and taught part-time at Brent St Primary. Marilyn was also a founding participant in a drug education program based at Cosgrove High School and went on to train as a trainer for schools throughout Tasmania.

Growing up Marilyn attended St Christopher’s, Goodwood, went on to be a Sunday school teacher, and was involved in the youth group. After returning to Hobart from teaching in regional Tasmania Marilyn rejoined the parish she had grown up in. She became a Reader in 1989 and was ordained Deacon in 2010. Marilyn studied ministry through Moore College, Sydney, and recently completed further studies in pastoral education, pastoral visiting in hospitals and aged care. In 2013 Marilyn became a member of St John’s congregation and in 2014 joined the New Town and Lenah Valley Anglican leadership team. She is particularly involved in leading Sunday services and contributing to services at Mary Ogilvie, Barrington Lodge and Rosary Gardens aged care homes.

Roger and Marilyn were married in 1969 and have three children and four grandchildren. She is a keen gardener and enjoys sewing, reading and all types of craft work. Marilyn volunteers two days a week at the Centrecare “Stitch” program teaching newly-arrived migrant women sewing, knitting, crocheting and supporting them with their English and settling into life in Tasmani

To Meet Us

A minister on our leadership team will be very pleased to speak, meet or pray with you. You can contact us through our parish office.