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In our youth activities we hope to create a space where young people can grow closer to God. We invite young people to find their identity in God and understand what the life and teaching of Jesus means for them. We believe it is by growing in this understanding, supported by their God, their church community and leaders that offer young people the resources and encouragement to recognise their gifts, deal with their struggles, and pursue their vocation.

Our activities that focus on helping young people discover more about God’s love for them and grow in their relationship with Jesus are:


RealLife youth group aims to be a place where teenagers explore spiritual questions. We meet together fortnightly for interactive activities and discussion. There is time for reflection on God and the identity of Jesus, and to hear the insights of peers and leaders.

Safe Church Communities

We believe all people are entitled to feel safe and protected. We take the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults very seriously and commit ourselves to ensuring our congregations and programs are safe places. Everyone working with vulnerable persons is trained and endorsed through ChildSafe. You can find out more information and read our policies on the Safe Church Communities page of the Anglican Church of Tasmania website. All staff/helpers involved in leading activities with children and vulnerable adults have current Working with Vulnerable People registration through the
Department of Justice, Tasmania.

More Information

For more information, or to get involved, please contact us.